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02 Nov 2021

AMCS shows Intelligent Optimisation solutions at ICT & Logistiek tradeshow

This ERP application within the cloud-based AMCS Platform leverages smart functionality and machine learning for maximum flexibility and efficiency in transport planning and execution.

This year’s ICT & Logistiek, the trade show for ICT in logistics in the Netherlands, is focused on resilience in the logistics chain and creating more agility and connectivity. The annual trade show brings together companies active in the digitization and automation of logistics to help organizations facilitate logistical projects and transform their logistics operations.

The theme of resilience represents a common goal within the sector, of increasing flexibility and ensuring that organizations are ready to take on whatever the future holds, with solutions, applications, and services that can help them work smarter. In other words, the perfect setting for AMCS to present our answer to smarter logistics, alongside our roadmap for even more advancements in Intelligent Optimisation and Transport Management Systems.

The AMCS Intelligent Optimisation solutions

AMCS delivers smart solutions for our customers’ logistics operations with our Intelligent Optimisation software that is part of the cloud-based AMCS Platform. This ERP application includes highly advanced, yet intuitive and user-friendly systems for fleet planning, route optimization, and smart dispatch.

The Smart Dispatch solution allows a wide array of intelligent options for daily scheduling and planning of available vehicles and drivers. The result is highly effective and efficient resource management within the organization’s transport operations. 

Applying AI and machine learning

AMCS is also currently developing new smart functionality for our Intelligent Optimisation solution. One such development is the application of machine learning to generate more dynamic and better predictive handling and delivery times. The system will be able to collect data around historical handling times and use this to improve the standard times when calculating optimal routing and dispatching.

Another smart solution currently in the works is using Artificial Intelligence in combination with, for instance, cameras in containers – particularly useful for our waste management & recycling customers, to help recognize contamination and unwanted materials before emptying them into the collection trucks. Using cameras and AI can help them reduce materials and resource contamination and save on sorting and processing costs.

Benefits of Intelligent Optimisation & AMCS Platform

AMCS Platform is intelligent optimization software for companies with complex logistics processes. Smart solutions to everything from route optimization to pricing, supply chain, and order-to-cash efficiency. Implementing AMCS Platform has been proven to deliver:

  • 5-15% reductions in vehicles and driver services needed

  • 5-25% reductions in kilometers driven, driving time, and CO2 emissions

  • 20-50% reductions in the time needed for transport planning, execution, and follow-up

Visit us at the AMCS booth: Stand 01.C116

Visitors to the ICT & Logistiek trade show at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht can meet AMCS at Stand 01.C116 to get the latest information on our Intelligent Optimisation solution. You can also find out more about our full suite of enterprise-grade solutions on AMCS Platform, including Intelligent Optimisation, Enterprise Management, Vehicle Technology, and Mobile Workforce.

About AMCS:

AMCS is the creator of AMCS Platform: an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of material resources companies across the globe. With the AMCS platform, we have created an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies. AMCS is headquartered in Ireland and has offices located across Europe, the USA, Australasia with approximately 680+ employees and more than 2750 customers in 22 countries.