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We are AMCS

Digital ways to a cleaner world

We are AMCS, experts in complex logistics. Our AMCS Platform is an enterprise grade cloud and software platform designed to empower your business by optimising processes and providing valuable insights. It’s about driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardisation through intelligent optimisation. We enable an automated dispatch which in turn gives you the ability to do real time optimisation, something that will completely set you apart from your competition. 


Industry-specific solutions 

You need solutions that address your industry’s own specific challenges. AMCS has the capability to do just that, whether your industry is Waste, Building Materials, Oil and Gas, or any sector where logistics isn’t cut and dry. The AMCS Platform supports our industry-specific Planner module, which provides significant cost savings.  

You’re looking at reducing operational costs by 5–15%. Better quality routes. All industries with complex logistics, especially those with tight time windows for deliveries, can expect higher customer satisfaction levels. Our digital solutions also cut the time needed for planning, registration and follow-up by up to 60%. 

Experts at what you do 

Where bigger providers might dabble in your industry, at AMCS, our focus is solely on logistics for Waste, Building Materials, Oil and Gas. No one is better placed to help you achieve your goals with state-of-the-art software and technologies. We’ll work with you from the very beginning, through installation and end support.   


We are AMCS.

“Digital ways to a cleaner world”



AES driver with bins and truck

AES results

The system has improved our profitability and customer service greatly. A reduction of approx. 15% in costs per lift and 100% elimination of ad hoc routes for collecting missed bins (most expensive routes), says Darren Sadler manager operations at AES



With the AMCS solution our entire transport chain is covered and we can plan on both a strategical, tactical and operational level

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