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Higher service level and hence happier customers


We are able to better utilise the capacity of the cars and drive as few kilometres as possible with empty cars. AMCS’ system has been a central factor in us reaching our service levels while reducing costs at the same time

Just Eat

Managing peak hours

Automatic planning with AMCS’ distribution planning system helps JUST EAT manage peak hours. In 2001, JUST EAT started in Kolding, Denmark taking orders online from end-customers and coordinating with the restaurants. Since 2006, the service has included picking up food from online restaurants in Denmark and delivering at customers’ private homes. It was JUST EAT’s mission to break away from the general opinion that takeaway equals pizzas and burgers which is why they also deliver food from all types of restaurants.

Today, JUST EAT is present in 13 countries worldwide, has more than 40,000 restaurants in their network and the company continues to expand rapidly. In Denmark, JUST EAT delivers food in 2 cities with approx. 30 cars and 100 drivers, all of which is planned in AMCS’ system. The rapid expansion of JUST EAT has resulted in an urgent need for a transport planning system. Director of Delivery at JUST EAT, Jesper L. Jakobsen, explains, “When it comes to delivering food, transport planning is a highly complex task. We do not know what the near future brings, we have narrow pick-up and delivery time windows and we want to reduce the amount of kilometres driven without food in the cars. AMCS’ solution helps us manage all the parameters of food delivery and is a vital tool in our daily planning.”

The Challenge

Time is an important factor in the food delivery business; delivery time, waiting time, peak hours and holiday seasons. For JUST EAT, food preparation time and the time it takes before the food gets cold in the car are also elements which need to be taken into consideration when planning food deliveries.

The Solution

Automatic planning by AMCS’ distribution planning solution with TomTom integration helps us manage peak hours, narrow
delivery time windows and thereby increases our customer service drastically.

The results

When attaining AMCS’ solution suite, JUST EAT had an objective of delivering 90% of all orders within 1 hour. It is unfortunately impossible to reach 100% as traffic and weather conditions cannot be controlled. Jesper L. Jakobsen adds, “Nevertheless, AMCS’ system enables us to inform our customers in due time if deliveries are delayed. As delivery accuracy is central for us, the information regarding delivery time is of great value to us. We are using this information
for sending text messages to end-customers about estimated time of delivery.”

Learn more

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results JUST EAT has achieved by implementing the automatic planning software from AMCS.


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