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Increased customer satisfaction and large savings in the distribution

Increased customer satisfaction is a leading supplier of packed fruit baskets to workplaces all over Denmark. The company used to plan their routes manually with pens on paper maps. Now, route optimisation takes place automatically in AMCS Route Planner. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and large savings in the distribution but also given a strong sense of security, accuracy and structure.


Logistics manager at, Niels Christensen, explains, “We used to plan our routes manually on printed maps. With 7,000 customers across the country and 60% of our volume going out on 120 routes on Mondays, it was very difficult for us to maximise the quality and efficiency of our operation through manual planning.

“Adding to this complexity, our routes can be very dense in urban areas, where each route typically has around 100 stops. This, combined with very tight time windows and fixed delivery days, made it impossible for us to create efficient distribution plans. Since distribution accounts for a great part of our costs, and delivery accuracy is key to our customer satisfaction, we saw a great potential in optimising our routes with AMCS Route Planner.”

The Solution

"When implementing the system, difficult but necessary decisions and organisational changes had to be made,” recalls Niels Christensen. “Discussing assumptions regarding work procedures was a challenging task, and the drivers were reluctant to provide the needed information. This was unfortunate, because in order to obtain optimal results with AMCS Route Planner, accurate data are crucial.”

Niels Christensen continues, “In an attempt to respond to our drivers’ fear of change, we had to take some initiatives. At, the drivers’ need for repeated master routes was respected, and they were invited to see and validate the routes in AMCS Route Planner. It also helped that our main distribution planner is a former driver, as this created extra trust in the quality of the routes. “Furthermore, we realised that it was important that the optimisation process took place gradually to get the entire organisation on board. Commitment, management support and a belief in the benefits of a route planning system were essential elements.”

The Results

Niels Christensen adds, “We believe that AMCS Route Planner has given us a clear competitive advantage and a very lean distribution set-up."

Major benefits from implementing the system:

  • Solid savings due to fewer routes and lower mileage
  • A reduction of 25-30% in administrative work 
  • Almost 100% elimination of complaints about late deliveries
  • Planning time reduced from 14 days to 3 hours when optimising master routes
  • 100% control of route costs, enabling haulier self-billing and a reduction in costs per route
  • Ability to assess new customer profitability

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To find out what an advanced optimisation system can do for your organisation, please contact sales. We will be pleased to help you discover which efficiency gains your company can achieve with an AMCS system.

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