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With Route optimisation you can achieve 5-25% reduction in number of vehicles
and/or driver shifts

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With more than 30 years of experience, our systems are utilised widely at industry-leading companies.

Route Optimisation as a Service

For optimisation of master routes on consultancy basis

In addition to our traditional on-premise solutions, we now offer a Route Optimisation Service which entails that we manage the optimisation of master routes for our customers, using our state-of-the-art AMCS Route Planner software.


Manually planning master routes is a very time-consuming and complex activity. Consequently, re-planning of routes does not happen as often as it should and, therefore, the routes are not as efficient as they could be. If you would like to achieve the efficiency benefits by optimising your routes, but you currently do not have available resources, we can help you. We have a highly experienced team of optimisation consultants that are ready to optimise your data.

Utilising the AMCS Route Optimisation Service means that your company does not have to implement optimisation software or train and use internal resources on master route planning.

Recent examples of efficiency improvements from our customers include:

  • SITA Belgium: 5-10% increase in bins emptied per hour
  • Ragn-Sells Sweden: 10% reduction in number of routes
  • AES Ireland: 15% reduction in cost per lift

The core service provides 1 full master plan optimisation per year and 2 full master plan optimisations per year for commercial routes.  The optimisation is delivered on a fixed, 3 year service contract based on an annual service fee. This provides you with full control of the cost associated with the service.

AMCS can also deliver ongoing maintenance of the master plan, where customers are removed or inserted into the optimised master plan. This service can either be done under a separately agreed fixed service price or based on time & material.

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