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Livestock, Grain, Fodder, Laundry and more

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Improving efficiency in distribution within agriculture and forestry


Improving efficiency in distribution within agriculture and forestry

Other Industries

Solutions for efficient operations across a variety of industries

Years of experience in the field have given AMCS the expertise to target the solutions for some specific industries.

Through many years, AMCS has serviced companies within a variety of industries with our leading and advanced standard systems. AMCS’ industry-specific systems are based on detailed knowledge about the industries to which we deliver. This insight has been acquired through years of collaboration with leading companies within the industries in question.

The systems have a high level of industry-specific functionality and configuration options, making them highly capable of handling all relevant and core processes. We constantly strive to meet our clients’ needs by identifying how our system is best configured for your company, thereby helping you enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

In addition to AMCS’ primary industries, our systems cover the following verticals: Home delivery; sales/merchandising; fodder, grain, livestock and timber; cash in transit and laundry.

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